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William Darricote b. 10 Oct 1766, Moss, Wombridge, Shropshire, England, m. 10 Oct 1796, in Wrockwardine, Shropshire, England, Sarah Dorricott (nee Kinsey) , b. 1778,  25 Feb 1778, Eyton on the Weald Moors, Shrops, Eng, d. 1818, buried: 16 Aug 1818, St Michael's Ch, Lillieshall, Shrops.  William died 1825, Shropshire, England, buried: 14 Feb 1825, St. Michael's Church, Lilleshall, Shrops.

I.       John Dorricott also known as: John Darricote b. 1797,  2 Jul 1797, Wombridge, Shropshire, England, occupation Iron Miner (1841), m. 19 Nov 1819, in Wombridge, Shropshire, England, Mary Dorricott (nee Titley) , b. 1797, Shropshire, England.  John died 29 May 1854, buried: Holy Trinity, Wrockwardine Wood.

         A.     Thomas Dorricott

         B.     John Dorricott also known as: John Darricote b. 1823,  30 Nov 1823, St Georges, Shropshire, occupation Iron Miner, m. Rebecca Dorricott (nee Pitchford) , b. 1824, Lilleshall, Shropshire, England.

                  1.     Mary Anne Dorricott b. 1854, Portobello, Staffordshire, occupation Iron Cripple.

                  2.     Elizabeth Dorricott b. 1857.

                  3.     Sarah Dorricott b. 1858.

                  4.     Alice Dorricott b. 12 Nov 1866, Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, occupation Domestic Servant, d. 28 Mar 1947, 55 Scotland Rd, Blackburn, Lancs.

                           a.            John (?) Dorricott b. 1901 (?) , Blackburn, Lancs.

                           b.            Thomas Dorricott b. 3 Jan 1903, Union Workhouse, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Baker, m. 17 Sep 1927, in St Thomas' Church, Blackburn, Bertha Dorricott (nee Duxbury) , b. 3 Feb 1904, Blackburn, Lancs, (daughter of Walter Duxbury and Mary Alice Duxbury (nee Hindle) ) occupation Weaver, d. 7 Jun 1987, Ninewells Hosp, Dundee, buried: Dundee Crematorium.  Thomas died 3 Jul 1982, Ninewells Hosp, Dundee, buried: 7 Jul 1982, Dundee Crematorium.

                               (1)    Norman Dorricott b. 8 Jun 1929, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Medical Records Manager, m. 24 Oct 1953, in St Matthews Ch, Blackburn, Lancs, Elsie Dorricott (nee Rayton) , b. 1935, Blackburn, Lancs, (daughter of James Rayton and Bertha Rayton ).

                                           (a)           Elaine Anne Barnes (nee Dorricott) b. 15 Aug 1954, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Radiologist, m. 1976, in Blackburn, Lancs, Eric Barnes , b. 1954, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Clerk.

                                    [1]  Andrew Duncan John Barnes b. 23 Nov 1977, Blackburn, Lancs.

                                    [2]  Alisdair Edward James Barnes b. 1 Jul 1979, Blackburn, Lancs.

                                    [3]  Alexander Allan Martyn Barnes b. 15 Jan 1983, Blackburn, Lancs.

                                    [4]  Antony Eric Michael Barnes b. 26 Sep 1984, Blackburn, Lancs.

                                           (b)           Iain Martin Dorricott b. 5 Oct 1959, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Hospital Technician, m. in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland, Pamela Jane Duncan .

                               (2)    Raymond Dorricott b. 21 Nov 1933, Springfield, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Accounts Clerk/Ironmonger, m. 17 Sep 1955, in St Matthew's Church, Blackburn, Margaret Dorricott (nee Aspin) , b. 23 Aug 1936, Springfield, Blackburn, Lancs, (daughter of John Thomas Aspin and Margaret Aspin (nee South) ) occupation Weaver / Ironmonger.

                                           (a)           David Dorricott b. 27 Jun 1956, Queens Pk Hosp, Blackburn, Lancs,  1956/1977, St Matthews, Blackburn/Arbroath Baptist, occupation Software Engineer, m. 20 Aug 1977, in St John's Church, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, Ann Frances Dorricott (nee Booth) , b. 17 Sep 1958, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, (daughter of Sidney Booth and Kathleen Alice Booth (nee Jordan) ).

                                    [1]  Stephen Dorricott b. 28 Nov 1981, Irvine, Ayrshire.m 24 May 2008, Rachel Baker.

                                    [2]  Philip Dorricott b. 12 May 1984, Irvine, Ayrshire. m. 20 May 2003, in Broadway Baptist Ch, Douglas, Isle of Man, Rebecca Jane Dorricott (nee Fragher or Caroon)
    Isaac George Dorricott b 26 Dec 2008, Douglas Isle of Man.

                                           (b)           Paul Dorricott b. 16 Aug 1958, 10 Winchester St, Blackburn, Lancs,  Audley Range Ch, Blackburn, occupation Ironmonger, m. 21 Jun 1984, in St John's Ch, Dumfries, Scotland, Shona Margaret Dorricott (nee Galloway) , b. 1 Apr 1959, Dumfries, occupation Librarian/Ironmonger.

                                    [1]  Laura Catherine Dorricott b. 21 Dec 1986, Ninewells Hosp, Dundee, Scotland, occupation Student.

                                    [2]  Rosemary Carol Dorricott b. 19 Aug 1989, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, occupation Student.

                               (3)    Peter Dorricott b. 18 Apr 1945, Queens Pk Hosp, Blackburn, Lancs, occupation Salesman, m. 17 Sep 1966, in Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, Jennifer Dorricott (nee Shaw) , b. Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, occupation Housewife.

                                           (a)           Michelle Louise Dorricott b. 5 Jul 1969, Chester, occupation Nurse.

                                           (b)           Lynne Marie Brett  (nee Dorricott) b. 22 Mar 1971, Chester, occupation Beautician, m. Shane Brett , occupation Prison Officer.

                                    [1]  Shannon Lee Brett b. 21 Sep 1996, Millom, Cumbria.

                                    [2]  Ryan Brett

                  5.     Emily Dorricott b. 1872, Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire.

                  6.     Rebecca Dorricott b. 1874, Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire.

                  7.     John Dorricott b. 1875, Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire.

                  8.     Alfred Dorricott b. 1877, Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire.

         C.     Mary Darricote also known as: Mary Dorricott b. 1826, Shropshire, England, occupation Colliery Worker (1841).

         D.     Elizabeth Darricote also known as: Elizabeth Dorricottt b. 1828, Shropshire, Eng, occupation Colliery worker (1841).

         E.     Jane Darricote also known as: Jane Dorricott b. 1836, Shropshire, England.

         F.     Rosannah Darricote also known as: Rosannah Dorricott b. 1839, Shropshire, England.

         G.     William Dorricott

         H.     William Darricote b. 1841, Wrockwardine, Shropshire.

         I.       Martha Dorricott b. 1843, Wrockwardine, Shropshire.

II.      Mary Cooper (nee Darricote) b. 1799,  10 Mar 1799, Wombridge, Shropshire, England, m. 11 Oct 1816, Thomas Cooper .

III.     William Darricote

IV.     Charles Darricote

V.      Joseph Darricote

VI.     James Darricote