Ann Frances Dorricott

Personal Tributes and Memories

Updated February 2005

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We'd love you to share your memories, thoughts or pictures of Ann - please email them to  Please feel free to send more memories - or alter your contribution if something else comes to mind.

You were all we could ask for as a wife, lover, mum, pal, crew-mate, colleague, companion, cook  and friend - and we'll miss you.

We thank the Lord that you're with him in Glory today, and waiting for us to join you there, through the assurance that Jesus has given us.

David, Stephen & Philip

A shining light that will never grow dim..... 

Raymond and Margaret Dorricott 

If you consider proverbs 31 'The noble wife' and then add on these words:-


You kind of get the picture of how precious Ann was, and how much we will miss her on Earth.

With love,

Becky Dorricott

Ann had the most wonderful Smile. That's the one thing I will never forget about her.  Her smile and her sense of humour.

She will be Missed.

Kath Ball

I first met Ann in 1989, two years before I started working with her and for AFD. We became good friends before we became colleagues and over the years our friendship has meant infinitely more than our working relationship. We have laughed together, cried together and done some fairly zany things. I particularly remember leaving the family home in West Kilbride on several occasions and finding old spoons or bricks in my luggage! And boy could she cook cakes!

As a friend she has always been extremely kind and generous and those same qualities carried through to our working relationship. I don't think I have heard Ann say a cross word about anyone. To say it has been a privilege to have known Ann for over 13 years would be a gross understatement on my part.

Through thick and thin Ann always had a smile - not just on her lips but in her eyes - which speaks volumes of what was always going on inside her heart. I look forward to the smile she will give me when next we meet.

John Dolman; Friend first, Colleague second

"Ann and I had a unique relationship - I was my “boss’ boss”.  Ann’s total support in all I did and her care and compassion for both colleagues and customers alike is something I will always remember her for.

The AFD finance team is sadder for her loss and well aware of her promotion to a higher place."

Judes (Judy Mills, AFD General Manager)

I'll remember the love, the laughter and the tears, the fun we had sailing, the hours we spent talking or waiting for you to finish your pot of tea. We shared so much in the time I knew you, it was a privilege to have been your friend.

I thank God for your kind and generous spirit and for the way you made me a part of your family, but most of all for you being the best friend anyone could have.

I'll miss you, heaven's gain is my loss.

Carol Fulton

The news of the "home-going" of Ann, although a great sorrow is we know a release from her pain and suffering.  She is now in the presence of the Lord whom she loved and followed.  We are all the richer for knowing her, and can thank the Lord for the memory of a wonderful person.

Jesus pledges to take us home.  He does not delegate this task.  He sends teachers to guide you, Angels to protect you, Singers to inspire you, physicians to heal you, but He sends no one to take you.  He reserves this job for Himself.  He is your personal Shepherd - personally responsible to take you home.  And because he is present when any of his sheep dies, you can say with David "I will fear no evil.  You are with Me"

Geoff & Pauline Williams

The sad news came as a shock to us all, having only just heard on Friday evening of Ann's illness. Our thoughts are all with the family at this time.

Iain, Jane & Kieran Dorricott
Norman & Elsie Dorricott

No words can express how extremely sorry we were to hear about Ann's death. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time for you, Stephen, Philip and Becky. We know that your Mum and Dad will be there as much for the Children as for you. We also know that she has gone to a far better place than those of us who are left here, can ever comprehend  in this mortal life.

However, be strong in the Lord and of good courage and remember St. Paul's words  to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians Chap. 15. As said before our thoughts are with you in the days ahead.

Eric and Elaine Barnes

Words! what are they? They are so meaningless at times like these. To paraphrase Charles Dickens "This has been the best of years, this has been the worst of years". It has been a time of great joy and happiness for you all and a time of 'joyful 'despair. We were unable to know Ann as much as we would have liked , But distance now separates families more than it ever did 30 to 40 years ago. Emails and mobiles help us to keep in contact but they are not the same.

Today  you see the last vestiges of Ann's mortal life, but she will always remain in our  and Your thoughts as a lively and vivacious person.  We can still remember the Trip to Monikie Country Park with Grandma Dorricott  and the beach at Broughty, when Stephen was a young boy.

Unfortunately we are unable to be with you except in thought and prayer.  Elaine will be working and I will be attending House Communion with the Lee Abbey Organisation on the Estate. Our Churches are from differing ends of the Christian spectrum, but we should be, but more often are not, "One Church, One Faith, One Lord".  Our prayers are with you, and to finish I will use what we say at the end of prayers for the departed:
"May the souls of the faithful, rest in peace, and rise in Glory".

God Bless, 

Eric and Elaine

Quite simply Ann was the most generous of people. I don't pretend to understand the mystery of life and death; I can only trust that she was needed for more important work.

May there be welcome for you in the home that you are going to.
    May you be peaceful and happy and in the presence of those who really care for you.
    May your going be sheltered and your welcome assured.
    May your soul smile in the embrace of your Father.

Graham and Stephanie Robertson

Please be assured of my prayers for you and the children in the suddenness of your loss. Ann was, from all I have heard, a great support, wife, friend and companion to you, as well as herself being totally committed to our Lord. I am glad that you and the boys were able to be there at the end with her. But none the less the speed of the diagnosis and the rapidity of her death must have left you completely shocked.

May the service on Wednesday be both a wonderful celebration of her life and of the sure and certain hope of resurrection, as well as a source of comfort to you and all those who mourn her death. May Jesus underpin you with his love and surround you with his peace. We in the Spring Harvest team will continue to support you with our love and prayers. Do let me know if there is anything that we can do beyond that. 

With love in our Lord,

 Pete Broadbent; Bishop of Willesden

The team at Le Pas Opton wish to express their gratitude for Ann’s generous contribution and personal involvement in the establishment of this camp site in the Vendée.

Our memories of Ann are her practical, fun-loving, down to earth nature, her willingness to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in with everybody else, her lovely smile, her great support to David and the endless provision of Yorkshire Tea and Tunnocks' Teacakes!

Our love and prayers to David, Stephen and Philip

Steve, Kate, Jenny, Ian, Alison and Liz; Le Pas Opton, Vendée, France

I am terribly saddened and shocked to hear of the tragic loss of Ann.  I wish I understood why such a good, kind and generous person could be taken from us. However, I truly do believe she has gone to a far better place.

Her kind smile, wonderful sense of humour and welcoming generous spirit are what I remember when thinking of Ann.

My thoughts are with you, David, Stephen and Philip during this sad time.

Gary Steel

Meeting your family so unexpectedly and so joyfully with Michelle at the top of Cronk-ny-Eary-Laa on Millennium morning, the photographs you took, and our visit to your home will always stay with me as a special memory of all your family.

You are and will continue to be in my prayers.

Tina Hodgett

There are no words to express what I would want to communicate to you and the boys but you are all in my earnest prayers , thoughts and heart.

I know it will be difficult but I hope that in the coming days you will be able to feel some reflection of the joy in Heaven as they celebrate Ann's Coronation and she takes her rightful place at her Lords side.

Howard Shimmin

David, Stephen and Philip: The last time I met Ann was in your home at the turn of the Millennium after our surprise meeting at sunrise on the Island. I was struck by Ann's gentle and servant nature and the hospitality shown to my friend and I. I know she will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know her. 

You are all very much in my thoughts and prayers

Michelle Dorricott; (Bridesmaid)

I've only met Ann a few times but over the years I've heard lots about her. Everything I'd heard about her faithfulness, servant attitude and heart after God and His purposes proved to be true. It was clear from meeting her that she knew what was important in life and ensured that this was her top priority: an inspiration to us all!

With love and prayer at this time.

Wendy Beech-Ward and the Marketing Team at Spring Harvest Holidays.

... just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about Ann. It is such a shock for something like that to happen so quickly - but in another way, if it was going to happen, it is wonderful that she did not suffer for long and have to go through treatment. 

We will be praying for you, that God will hold you tightly in his arms, that you will have the support and love of your family and church, and for your children  too.  I pray that the service on Wednesday will be a real witness to Ann's faith and that any non Christians present will be challenged about their own standing with God. 

With love and prayers

Karen Hosker

Thanks for sharing this page with us. Whilst Ravina and I did not know Ann very well we were deeply saddened by the news of her passing. If we can assist in any way at all from the business or personal side please do not hesitate to let us know.

We are planning to be there on Wednesday morning. If anyone requires help getting to the service from the West of the Island we are available.

God bless you and your children and be assured that we are standing with you particularly over the next few days.

David & Ravina Talbot; Manx PrayerNet

I have no words to adequately express the shock and sadness I feel .... nor to express my admiration for the gracious, loving and faithful manner in which you walked with Ann on her journey to everlasting life.

May you now be comforted by knowing how happy you made Ann during her life, and may you and your family be sustained by the unceasing prayers of the many, many people who love and value you ...

Thank you for sending details for Wednesday - we shall be there.

With love, and in the sure hope of the Resurrection

Judith Ley

I have been thinking a lot about you and Ann over the last couple of days and although I am still finding it hard to comprehend I believe that like Maggie, God wanted Ann for his own reasons. I also truly believe they are both in a better place. It has taken me years to come to terms with why God takes people early who are good and kind and have never done any harm in their lives. Maybe one day in the future you will find time to sit down with me and try to explain it.

Take care David as only your faith your friends and family and time can help you get through this.

Mike Solomon

To David, family and all the staff at AFD - To say that Bob and I at Zenex Solutions were shocked by this note is an understatement. Ann was always so gracious and friendly even when we were badly behind with our account.

To be taken so young is bad enough, to be taken from this world when we need all the nice, gentle people we can get is truly awful.  Words are of little comfort, but our thoughts are with David and everyone at AFD who must all have been affected by the loss of such an important person.

Zenex Solutions will be pleased to contribute to the hospice fund.

Tony Hagon, Zenex Solutions Limited

I spoke to Ann on the telephone for many months before finally meeting her at the office and home in West Kilbride. I knew from those and the many following "support" calls that she was a warm and infinitely gracious and patient person.

Ann was a joy to know and her going will be a loss to many. I am sorry that I was not back in the country in time to join with you in thanking God for her life at the celebration service.  David, my ongoing thoughts & prayers will be for you, Stephen and Philip, that you will continue to enjoy the wonderful memories of Ann and your years together and for God's peace and strength in the days ahead.

Graeme Bunn; Spring Harvest

On behalf of Daphne and myself, together with all the helpers in the Lifeboat Shop, we send you our deepest sympathies in your recent sad loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family now and in the future

God bless you all

David & Daphne Pollicott, Ramsey Lifeboat Shop

I don't know Ann but have been particularly taken with your messages and thoughts.  I too believe firmly in the Lord Jesus and wish you all well and will be thinking of you on Wednesday, particularly the family and those close to her. May her reflection of her Lord and Saviour continue to shine and bear fruit and memories of her be treasured in those who knew her and loved her

Angus McCrum, Independent Access

All of us at Through the Roof were shocked and saddened to hear the news about Ann. Our love and prayers are with you at this time of loss. Each time we use AFD in the days ahead, it will remind us, and give us a moment to reflect on Ann and thank God for her.

Paul Dicken, Director; Through the Roof

It was with great sadness that I received your e-mail relating to the death of Mrs Ann Dorricott. I wasn't aware of the terrible news until I received your press release.

Please pass on my sincere condolences to David and family on behalf of us all at the Mannin Media Group.

Simon Richardson; Managing Editor, Mannin Media Group

Very sorry to hear about your tragic loss.

In my thoughts,

Kind regards,

Steven, Professional IT

Ann always had a smile (which I will remember most) and was a great encouragement to those who knew her.  Shall miss the little giggles and dig in the ribs when we shared our tales together. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time, but knowing that you and we can REJOICE as she is with her Lord.

Forever in our thoughts.

Margaret Stephen David and Julianne Brookes

... words defeat us this moment, but we want you to know that you have all been in our thoughts and prayers constantly since we heard about Ann and you will remain there over the coming days ... your words about Ann said it all ... if there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to ask ... with our deepest love ... 

Ian and Gill Scott

A ship sails and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says "she is gone"
Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all, she is just as large as when I saw her. The diminished size
and total loss of sight is in me, not in her, and just at the moment when someone at my side says "she
is gone", there are others who are watching her coming, and other voices take up a glad shout, "there she
comes" and that is dying.

SUSIE (someone who uses your Postcode Lookup) 

Please pass the condolences from all at Bluespheres. We are sorry to hear of the loss of Ann to her family and friends and to the AFD GROUP.

I am glad that they have a strong faith to take them through a difficult time.

Adrian Jones, Director, Bluespheres

We have been praying for you during this time of sadness relating to Ann sudden transfer into the presence of our Lord. The grace of our dear Lord will carry you through these days and especially the funeral ceremony. 

This poem is written specially for David, included also are his family and close friends. 


Life is but a beginning! ‘Tis enhanced by the joy 
of relationships forged in Jesus’ love ‘Tis enriched by blessings
received during a close walk with Jesus. ‘Tis made more beautiful
with the holy presence of our Father God. ‘Tis made more attractive
by the fruits of God’s abundant Grace. 
Life is but a beginning! Through the pains of growing up.
Through the struggles of character development.
Through the fears of facing prominent unknowns.
Through the uncertainties of new tomorrows.
Through the excitement of friendships born in Jesus.
Through the anticipations of a wholeness wrought by Jesus.
Life is but a beginning! Friendship and courtship...
Engagement and wedding...
Marriage and family...
Development and aging...
Life is but a beginning! Then, a curtain is drawn across the vibrant sky.
Then, a haze is draped across the bright sunshine.
Then comes a moment that clouds over the present joy.
Then dawns the reality of a break from what we know as ‘now’.
Life is but a beginning! The break from the ‘now’,
is the step into tomorrow. The break with the present
is the move into forever. 
Life is but a beginning!  We were born to grow.
We were born to mature.
We were born to prepare. We were born for God’s next call.
Life is but a beginning! God’s call takes us through the curtain of death.
God’s call brings us into a glorious new reality.
God’s call transforms us into His state of everlastingness.
God’s call carries us into the place prepared for His saints.
Life is but a beginning! Our death is the end of that beginning.
Our death is the beginning of His eternal life.
Our death is the step from earth to heaven.
Our death is the translation into the next dimension.
Life was the beginning for your loved one. Death has become the beginning for her new life. Your dear one has just have left you, she has moved into the place of waiting for you. Your dear one is one big step ahead of you, she is awaiting His call for you to join her. 
She has entered into her inheritance in Christ. She has taken up abode in her mansion in Glory. Now transferred into His perfect tranquillity. Now resting contentedly in her Master’s arms. 

And you are left behind to be embraced by His unchanging love, And you are constantly surrounded with His inexhaustible care. 
A hew beginning has dawned for you. A new journey with a loved one absent. A new life, 
with a renewed direction to serve the Master. A new life, with the enabling presence of our Lord and Saviour.

Love to all.

Alan Roberts, Canada

I was so sorry to hear today of Ann's untimely death.

I met Ann only a few times but was always impressed by her friendliness and enthusiasm.  I'm sure she was a great support to you in both your personal and business life.

It is a great shock to lose someone so young and my thoughts are with you and your lovely sons.  I am sure that the closeness of your family and strength of your faith are a great help.  In time you will be able to dwell on the happy times with Ann and of course her name will live on in the business you have both built with such dedication.

Please accept the heartfelt condolences of myself and all at Lexicon

Sue Baker; Lexicon Public Relations Ltd

How saddened I am to hear of this tragic news. The picture of her smiling face reminded me of the time she joyfully opened her family home to me whilst visiting AFD. She, as all of the family, made me incredibly welcomed and my thoughts and heart goes out to all of you.

My sincerest condolences

Dean Donaldson; Feesch Creative

We have been pondering how best to respond to the news of Ann’s very sudden call ‘home’ to be with her Lord. We will all miss her - Ann’s smile and love for Jesus was so contagious!

Here is a wee verse from  "The Message", may it bring you and the family hope and encouragement today. 

"Keep us safe, O God, we've run for dear life to you. 
We say to God "Be our Lord!"
Without you, nothing makes sense."
                                                               (Psalm 16:1)

Be assured that you and the boys are much in our thoughts and prayers.

Much Love
Brian & May Gault; Look No Hands

I have just heard the tragic news of Ann's untimely death. I only met Ann on a very few occasions and she impressed me with not only her business acumen and technical skills but also her humour and common sense.

Please accept both Steve Swifts and my condolences.

Peter Jenkins

We are sorry to hear of your sad loss, Our thoughts are with you and Ann's family.

Christine Timperley, Accounts Department; Golden Tulip

I am very sad to hear of Ann

Please convey my condolences to the family and friends

Ajit Kohli


I am sorry to hear of this sad news; indeed I lost my Brother precisely one year ago on 15th August 2002.

Whilst we have not met, please pass on my thoughts and condolences to David and the family.

Clive Crocker, CMC

Thanks for letting us know - May Ann rest in peace.

From our small office in London we'll join in prayer with you all on Wednesday morning.  We never met her, but appreciate the kind and helpful service provided by AFD whenever we call.

Alexander King MBA, Apostleship of the Sea

Please accept my condolences at this very sad time for you.

Graham Wood, British Airways

From everyone at CCR Data please pass on our sympathy to family, friends and colleagues and we all hope you have the courage to carry on the work Ann Dorricott started.

Henry Sykes, CCR Data

My condolences and sympathy to Ann's family. I feel for the pain they must be experiencing.

James Ormiston, Circulation Data Services

We were extremely sorry to receive your email below and learn that Ann Dorricott passed away last Friday. It is indeed a very cruel world, when someone so young and so valued is taken from us and on behalf of the Directors, staff and customers of EMS Software Solutions Ltd may we take this opportunity to extend our sincere condolences to Ann's family, friends and work colleagues.

Although, as a VAR customer, we did not have the pleasure of meeting Ann, we have been lucky enough to benefit from the success of her company for a number of years and have no doubt that her good work will continue, ensuring that her memory will live on forever.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time.

Liz Koufou, EMS Software Solutions Ltd

May we extend our sincere sympathy too Ann's family and colleagues on your loss

Pamela Ian and all at Pennine Cruisers (Skipton)

I'm very sorry to hear of the loss.

Richard Webster; Director of Operations; Data Locator

Our respects to the family ........from all at Independent Service.

Wendy Fallowfield - Admin Dir

Words from a stranger carry little weight but our thoughts and condolences are with you at this sad time.

Ray Seymour; National Hairdressers' Federation

Please accept our sincerest condolences. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Scholtz van der Walt;  Helpdesk Team Leader;  Hastings Insurance Services

I have just read your very sad news, we are shocked!!  Please accept our deepest and most sincere condolences, we are all thinking of you and your family in these sad times.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

John Dobson,  Mike Green & Colleagues; EuroDirect - Skipton Information Group

So sorry to hear of your loss, 

All at The Chequers Hotel, Blackpool.

Sorry to hear sad news, very nice to show respect in this way, we appreciate the notice given and hope the celebration of her life service goes well.

Please accept our condolences

Chris Marsh; Youth and Sports Development Manager

Please accept my condolences on behalf of all of us here at Marshall.

Gary Lovelock; Marshall Amplification plc

Please pass on our condolences at the loss of Ann, to all of you at AFD, and most especially David and his family.  We, at DataTalk, have always enjoyed working with AFD and have valued Ann's contribution.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time: God bless you all

Tim Drye; DataTalk

We have been informed of the recent Death of the Founder of AFD - The Address/Postcode Data Suppliers.

On behalf of the Governing Council and Membership of WAPI and UK2 eGroup, I would like to express our condolences to the Family, friends and Colleagues

Ian D. Withers; Chairman - WAPI

I'm so sorry to hear of this young life that has ended.

My thoughts are with you.

Michelle Firkins; Geopost

Sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your founder; please send all our regards and thoughts at this trying time to the family. From all of us at P.J.Howlett Business Systems Ltd

Peter J Howlett; P.J.Howlett Business Systems Ltd

I was very saddened to receive your e-mail about the loss of Ann at such a young age, but I rejoice with you to know that she is now with her and our Lord. It is a comfort to Believers to have that assurance that one's loved one is now in the arms of their Saviour, but nonetheless one cannot but feel the loss of their presence with us.

It was indeed strange the coincidence which occurred. I had just returned from my Dentist, and started up Outlook Express as I needed to send you a message, and as the program opened your e-mail arrived.

I am writing to advise you that as my wife and I are now 63 years young (I will shortly be 64!) we have decided it is time to take some time off for ourselves. Back in 1983 I joined the Mission England / Billy Graham Executive Committee here in Bristol, and took on the job of Steward Chairman - a grandiose title which involved a lot of work! I had to recruit and train 1,500 stewards from all over S.W. and Southern England and South Wales. As we prepared for the start of the Mission in May 1984, and because of recurring problems at the Mission England Computer Centre in Harrow, I somehow fell into taking on the computer records for the S.W.Region. I also started taking on running the Supporters Databases and mailing services for Missionaries, Evangelists and other full time workers. 

Thank you for your years of service to us. When we chose AFD all those years ago we had no idea you were a Christian Company, but when we learned you were it made us even more sure we had chosen wisely. 

AFD is a fitting Tribute to the life and work of Ann

Mike Simmons; Chairman of Stewards

Thank you for your notification of your office closure. Our thoughts and prayers go with you at this time. What a commitment to service that you are only closed for the morning!! I wish you all well for such a difficult day.

It is necessary to say goodbye, but what a joy to know that Ann had a personal faith in the Lord Jesus and that all those who love Him will meet her again one day.

With best wishes

Martin Warburton and all the staff; Operations Manager: Frontiers

Sorry to hear the bad news, please accept our deepest sympathies.

Mark Andrews & all the staff; Warranty & Creditor Services

Commiserations on your loss

Gill Lucchesi

Please accept my condolences on behalf of EmpowerSystems

David Chung; Empower Systems Limited

Please accept my condolences on your very sad loss.

John Aitkin; Fergusons Transport.

My condolences on your loss; my heart and prayers are with you. God bless,

Tom Bacon; Edgehill University

Sorry to hear such sad news. Hope everything goes well and the pain goes away quickly.

All the very best; Kind Regards

Gary Lancaster;  Piper Windows

Do please extend our deepest sympathy to Ann's family, friends and colleagues.

Marie-Stella RA; The Hat Factory

Myself, family, associates and staff would like to pass on our sincere thoughts and sadness upon hearing your news. Our respects go to her family, work colleagues and friends at this time and trust you can gain strength from the happy times you shared in her Ann's life.


Graham Jones; J B Marketing


I first knew Ann when I worked with Spring Harvest in the early 90s and my lasting memory of her will always be her warm friendly voice on the phone, her consistent helpfulness and sense of fun. Heaven is richer.

David, may our Lord comfort you, and wrap you in His love. My prayers and thoughts will be with you not just now, but in the months to come.

Lyn Wells; PA to MD/Systems Administrator,  Halcyon

Our thoughts are with Ann's family and everyone at AFD in this time of sorrow.

All @ Red Kite

Clare Harper; Red Kite Ltd

All our wishes are with you at this sad time.

Christian Done, Customer Development Director; Powells Cottage Holidays

I am sorry to hear of the death of Ann.  My sympathy and commiserations to her family.

I recently lost my own mother and have been helped enormously by focusing on the things to celebrate in her life rather than on losing her.

God Bless

Des Downey

Our best wishes to the family and to all at AFD at this lonely time.

One Village: For community cooperation internationally - Partners for social progress

Sorry to hear of your loss. Please pass on the sympathies and thoughts of all at Universal Salvage to her family and friends.

Rose Wilson; Universal Salvage

With deepest sympathy

From all at Macleods Bodyshop Ltd.

Although not a customer of AFD for long, I have spoken to Ann a few times over the years and would like to add my name to the list of those sending condolences to the family and her friends.

Nick Bird; Managing Director; Whitestar I T Ltd

I never met Ann but I was aware that I was dealing with a Christian Company.  Reading the various messages has affected me tremendously & brought me much closer to God. Never before have I prayed in front of my computer!!

Thank you for sharing these messages which I'm sure will have a tremendous influence on many people.  I hope to meet you one day Ann.

Pauline Stevens; Kent Social Services

Sincere condolences and positive thoughts on this day, the celebration of a life. My thoughts will be with you all.

Veronique Bradley; Circulation Management; Pillar Publications

So sorry to hear of the loss of Ann

Our thoughts, and prayers, are with you, not least on Wednesday

Best wishes

Don and Pearl Godfrey; Capstone Systems Ltd

As a customer of AFD you tend to feel "part of the family". I am so sad to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Rob, Double Click

As one of your "unseen customers", we send our condolences. Peace to her and

good memories for those who loved and respected her.

Jo Pye; Magpye

We are deeply sorry to hear your sad news.

Custom Glaze

"Thank you" for sharing your Tribute to Ann.

As a past purchaser of your software for Warwick Castle, Alton Towers & BPS I am impressed by AFD's example that "statements of Truth and Integrity" should be part of successful business.

Your words and actions have reinforced my resolve to continue building these tenets into my own business and family life. If there is anyway in which you require the services of myself or my software company to continue Ann's work I would gladly donate it.

Sincerest regards,

Carl Adkins; TP Technologies

May the Lord our God give you, David, and the family real peace and comfort during this very difficult time.  Carol and I are most grateful for your friendship and help during the years in Bristol -  getting the Mission office set up and running; we remember with joy our visit with you in Scotland and for Ann's hospitality and service.  In these days of trial, may you experience the Everlasting Arms under you and the strength of our Lord's power in you.  God bless you and the boys.

Russell (Rusty) and Carol Baker; Africa Inland Mission International (formerly in the Redland, Bristol office, now USA)

You won't know me, but I have just been onto your website and read about Ann - the faith and love shown in the messages on the website show what a special person she was and how much your faith in Jesus has reached others around you. Ann (my wife) and I are really thinking of you all and praying for you and your family.

We went to Le Pas Opton as a family - it was the first time we had ever done any Spring Harvest thing and it was a fantastic time of growth for us as a family - I looked at the website messages and saw that your Ann had been involved, so for that I must thank you.

I was going to email you about the trees at Le Pas Opton (following my meeting on site with Alan Johnson), but that can wait.

There was a verse mentioned in one of the talks at Le Pas Opton that "nothing can separate us from the love of God" so I pray that you'll know that when there are difficult days ahead.

Thinking of you

Francis Hesketh (a fellow forester!)

We were so very sad to hear the news of your loss of Ann. May God bless you and hold you close in these early days when the memories are mixed. Soon only the good things will remain. I remember how kind Philip was and how supportive when my Father died 2 years ago. 

You are in our prayers 

Rev. Stephen, Christine & Emilie Beth Caddy

I never had the privilege of meeting Ann though - through my connections with Spring Harvest - I owe her a great debt. Firstly, as part of its council of reference and, more recently, also as a member of its leadership team I have been given great cause to thank God for her and David, for their commitment and example.

Thank you Ann for working to build the Kingdom of God and for, in that cause, investing your life in the lives of others.

Rev. Steve Chalke. Spring Harvest Leadership Team

We were all shocked & saddened to hear of Ann's sudden death while we were away on holiday.  You are all very much in our prayers and please know our
hearts feel heavy too.
Ann has surely left a gap in the lives of all the people who knew and loved her.  I valued her unpretentious, feet on the ground, no messing approach to
her faith.  A real 'what you see is what you get' girl who was quick to see the best in others.  Her honesty and gentle support in our prayer group was
encouraging and Ann's ability to serve in whatever capacity was an inspiration to us all.
We thank God for her life and for how she blessed us and our children.
Jackie & Andy Hewins

Only just visited the website today... I am so sorry to hear about Ann.

Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

Andy Moorley; Coexis Ltd

I've only got back to my desk this morning after a two-week break, to find out the really sad news about Ann. Perhaps, if you find an appropriate moment, you could just pass onto David how sorry I am. I valued very much being with himself and Ann last year, during the LPO set-up, and I will always remember Ann as a very kind, very generous, and very gentle person - a privilege to know.

Trevor Pearce; Spring Harvest.

I knew Ann's voice for many years before I knew her smile - as an early AFD customer, and sadly working for a company which was not quick to pay it's bills, I knew Ann well!  It was only years later, when I had the privilege to join AFD as an employee when they moved to the Isle of Man that I got to know Ann and the family.

And what a family. Such love and kindness for so many people, and always such a willingness to get stuck in. I know that when we were looking for staff, we always looked for folks who had "fire in their belly" and Ann was such a person - but in such a gentle way. It was not easy to be the "boss's boss" as I was for three wonderful years, before, due to personal circumstances I returned to the UK.

It is impossible for me to think of the office without Ann, and it must be so much harder for all of you to return day after day without her smile whenever she came in.

Ann's death came the day after the anniversary of my own mother's death 12 years previously, and for me, that pain is still very real which made your own loss all the more relevant. I know that with time, and especially with your amazing faith, the pain can be replaced by joy and the memories become more treasured.

Ann leaves a living legacy in the company, with its love and integrity - the likes of which I have never seen since or before.

With so much love to you all

Kate Davies

Please may I send my sincere condolences on your loss of Ann. I only met Ann briefly so cannot claim to have known her well. My memory is more of the two of you being a compatible and charming team with whom it was easy to have a relaxed and constructive conversation.

Regent has made a donation to the Hospice.

Derek Alway; Partner; Regent Associates Ltd

It was a total shock to hear of Ann's passing, my thoughts are with you and the boys. I wish I had been able to stand with you and your family in your time of sorrow, as you and Ann did in mine.

I have no doubt that certain people are meant for higher stages, Ann and June were two.

Graham, Michael and Andrew Scott

I have just received the latest copy of Q.4/03 Postcode Data Update and have installed it on our computers. Thank you very much for your continued service.

It is particularly interesting to read the tribute to Ann Dorricott and realise what a blessing she has been to the Christian community over the years. I don't think I realised before that you are a Christian business, so I am particularly pleased to be able to do business with you. 

Martin Warburton; Operations Manager BSB

I've just been on the website to look for some product information and read the shocking news that Ann had died.

Please accept my sympathies, I'm sorry it's so late, but I hadn't had occasion to go onto the site and simply didn't know. Ann was such a lovely person and you and Philip and Stephen must be devastated. Although our connection was professional, I liked Ann a lot - she stood for so much that was honest and good in life.

I will remember her in my prayers, knowing that God will look after her for you.

Jo Lloyd; GAP Communications

Lesley and I have only just learnt about Ann and we wish to offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to you , Stephen and Philip. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

David and Lesley Wyke

Having just visited the AFD Web site to keep my regular eye on what you are up to these days I was shocked to see the sad news about Ann and felt compelled to write to you to express my belated condolences to you and the rest of the family.

From my first day in the workshop and embarking on my new career in IT there was Ann.  Through all those cold days learning how to "shrink wrap" Mailsort, Address and Addview with the blow torch in the garage or sitting in the passage away outside your office completing the Bank Re-conciliation, or trying to get the latest edition of Postcode News into the envelopes and out the door in time or trying to get the dreaded OKI printer to print the end of month cheques in the correct position or coming back into the workshop after making a stupid mistake!, she would always be there with a smile an understanding look and if you were lucky a nice hot cup of coffee and a biscuit!

I am not sure what else to say as I know Ann will be greatly missed by you and the boys and indeed by others whom she encountered in her time with us.  I know that your faith will have been a great comfort, support and strength to you in the last few months and I am sure that knowing you as I think I do, you will have been working even harder, if that's possible, to make an even greater success of the company that bears her initials.

Iain MacKenzie, Thompson Netg

I have very happy memories of my stay with you during "Walk Isle of Man" - of Ann preparing the lunchtime sandwiches and the great "Pudding Party" on the Wednesday night.

Someone once said "that we are the sum total of all those we meet".  We would have to modify that to "Christa and all who reflect Him".  I'm glad I met Ann.

Graeme Patterson, Leeds

Tessa and I were shocked and saddened to hear of Ann's death and we send our love and thoughts to you and to the boys. I must admit to feeling guilty enough by our lack of contact over the years, but we were so moved by the contrast of events described in your annual letter - the exciting development in France - Philip's marriage - Stephen's engagement - and Ann's illness and passing - that it has spurred me to get back in touch. We are so pleased that your faith, the closeness of your family, and your large circle of friends and business colleagues can help to sustain you. Ann, as the first of the "39-Club wives", will always have a special place in our hearts.

Ian, Tessa and Dominic Varndell

How saddened we were to hear your sad news and how sorry for your loss.  I have fond memories of both you and Ann and remember that it was through you both & the Exodus bus that first Emma and Helen and then we came to attend the Baptist church, which pointed us to a living relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus.  You and your sons are in our prayers.

Hilary & John Barlow

It was with great sadness and also a little joy that I learnt that Ann had gone to be with her Lord in August. I remember well the good times that I shared with you both in Montrose and also in Ayrshire and your help and understanding were a great help to me.

Stan Lamb, Perth

I remember hot suppers at 10pm, chips after swimming, lifting Stephen and Philip, making a mess of your living room, cups of coffee and tea, chicken pies and tiny roast potatoes, raspberry buns (that were more like biscuits but tasted great anyway), hot fresh scones (are there any other kind?), long, straight red hair, rush jobs and dashes to the Post Office, late night collating, invoicing, staying up late talking when David was away on business ...
I remember someone who gave herself unceasingly to whatever was asked of her and who I think about frequently, someone who was a part of my life for many years.
I'm pleased that AFD was so successful.  Perhaps somewhere along the line I played a small part in that.  I know that Ann played a big one, and with great excellence.
Tell Philip and Stephen I remember them well and hope they remember me too ... I have photos of them both somewhere and lots of memories.
Richard Powell, Ayrshire (House Guest at No. 51 for many month and many more weekends, Work Colleague and Fellow Believer).

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