The Funny Files

The following pages contain a load of funny things that I have found on other web sites that I thought you might like to have a look at. I will gradually put more pages into this section as time goes on.

If you think that you have anything else that can be added to these pages do let me know

Signs You've Had Enough of the New Millenium

Top 10 Signs That It Is Time to Join E-Mailers Anonymous

Things Found Only in America

Fun Things at a Drive-Thru

Top Ten Bad Things To Hear On An Airplane

How to Annoy Your Co-Workers

90 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator

Different Ways To Say "You're Stupid"

Kids Book Titles

The 20 Disses

Benefits of Being Female

Bumpersticker Bonanza

How To Clean A Cat

10 things NOT to do in the nude

Why English is hard to learn

Things you Learn from Your Children

You Work for the Government When:

Things That Make You Say Damn!

Maxims for the Internet age

Handy Worplace Phrases

You know you're no longer a kid when ...

Hilariuos signs

Top 20 Signs It's a Bad Day

67 Things to do in Wal-Mart

Women Education Courses

Chinese Proverbs

True Headlines

Things the Movies Taught You...

Actual Instruction Labels

Amusing signs

Crazy Ways To Order A Pizza

Things to Do at the Bowling Alley

29 Fun Things To Do In A Car

[English phrase] [Chinese Interpretation]

50 Fun Things to do in a Final that Does Not Matter

30 Harsh Things To Say To A Naked Guy

Top 10 irritations

It's Time to Slow Down When...

Dumb Laws

A List of VERY SHORT Lists. . .

You might be driving a Hummer if...

Instructions for life

Toddler's Laws

Some Oxymorons

One Liners

Some Truths

Actual Insurance Claims

Before Computers

Excuse Notes From Parents

Things you'll never hear a southerner say

Things I Learned The Hard Way

Signs Your Drinking Too Much Coffee

Interesting Facts of the World

Important Universal Laws

If Men Were In Charge

Tommy Cooper jokes

A reflection on booze

Actual Court Quotes

Cool Shop Names

Merseyside Crime

Great quotes by great Women


Love: Before and After

The Problems with Water

I hope you have Enjoyed reading these pages as much as I did when I found them.